Things To Do in Dartmoor National Park

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Battle of Lydford Battlefield, Lydford
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Battle of Bovey Heath Battlefield, Bovey Tracey
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Battle of Sourton Down Battlefield, Sourton
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White Ridge Stone Row, Postbridge
Just east of Fernworthy Forest, on Hurston Ridge, is an impressive and well-known stone row. It's one of many stone rows in and around Fernworthy. Some are located in the forest. Others create ancient avenues on the moors. Perhaps the most difficult to find is the stone row on White Ridge. Situated in a dip in the landscape between White Ridge and Assycombe Hill, most of the stones in this double...
Broad Down, Postbridge
If you're heading to Fur Tor or Cut Hill from Postbridge, it's likely you'll be walking over, or around, Broad Down. It's a beautiful spot offering great views of the East Dart River. Broad Down forms part of a lovely circular walk from Postbridge to the East Dart River Waterfall and back again.To visit, we'd recommend starting from Postbridge National Park Visitor Centre. A path runs behind the c...

Fingle Woods Wooston Castle Circular Walk, Drewsteignton
Fingle Woods is an area of woodland in the north eastern section of Dartmoor National Park. Wooston Castle is a hillfort within the woods. This circular walk took us under three hours to complete. Start at Fingle Bridge. There's parking near the pub or, better, across the bridge on the south side of the River Teign. You'll see a block of toilets. Walk past these and you'll pick up a wide forestry...
East Dart River Waterfall, Postbridge
With its rocky high ground and numerous rivers, Dartmoor National Park has many waterfalls. In Lydford Gorge and Canonteign Falls, water falls from a great height. In Becky Falls Woodland Park and Yealm Steps Waterfall, water tumbles dramatically over rocks. The waterfall on the upper section of the East Dart River is the latter type.The East Dart River rises on Dartmoor's high north plateau near...
Piles Copse, Harford
Piles Copse is one of three high altitude oak woodlands in Dartmoor National Park.See also Black-a-Tor Copse National Nature Reserve and Wistman's Wood National Nature Reserve.By James Penman
Upper West Okement Valley, Okehampton
The West Okement is a river that rises on Dartmoor's north plateau by the National Park's famous Cranmere Pool. From this river head, the water flows swift and clear around the north slope of Great Kneeset to Kneeset Foot. This remote and boggy area is at the top of a stunning, steep-sided valley to which we refer as the Upper West Okement Valley.The valley runs between Lints Tor and the southern...
Fordsland Ledge, Okehampton
Fordsland Ledge is a large strip of moorland covered with clitter occupying ground between High Willhays and the West Okement River. Whilst we include it on Holiday in Dartmoor as a point of reference, Fordsland Ledge provides stunning views of Black-a-Tor Copse National Nature Reserve, the Upper West Okement Valley and Dartmoor's high north plateau around Cut Hill and Fur Tor.Most visitors cross...